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  •  brian: 


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  •  brian: 

    I snorr LOUD lol so no sleeping on planes for me, the longest journey for me was 22 hours from Denmark to the USA when I moved here, I was delirious and a sweaty mess when I finally got here lol the one thing that he has going is that when you travel you have to pay attention and be on on on so he probably wont crash until his destination.

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  •  Suja: 

    Looking forward to watching tomorrow's video :)

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  •  Axemoose: 

    condensation can be a bad thing. can end up with mold. dehumidifier might be needed. But then it will be dry. you can get product to put on the window but it is never that nice to look out after that. 

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  •  danielswan: 

    My guess about the condensation is that the weather could be very hot outside (you said something about Australian time so I'm guessing you live in Australia), we have this coffee maker and condensation appears on the bottom of our cupboards whenever we use it and we have the AC on also if the weather is balmy outside it appears on the windows, my parents just use a Squeegee to get any excess off then wipe it with a cloth. Give that a go and see what happens, You can find squeegees at most dollar stores and retail places. 

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