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  •  onemon: 

    I was just thinking... What happened to Lauri?? And then you appear.

     9 days ago 
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  •  Axemoose: 

    that kind of muzzle can hamper breathing in the dog. glad you guys are talking again. btw my best friend ever is a women, I get the just good friends thing. 

     9 days ago 
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  •  brian: 

    try with benadryl it might make her relax enough to stop biting

     9 days ago 
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  •  Suja: 

    Sounds like you've been keeping yourself real busy. 

    I get the friend thing cause that's how I am with my male friends, I am not wanting a "boy friend" kind of relationship, friendship is fine though:)

    Denis and I used Tabasco on our hands and chair legs, it worked for awhile, eventually she took a liking to it so we got a good supply of BIG bones for her to chew on.  It helped.  We also made a point of firmly scolding her when she'd nip.

    Looking forward to seeing your new furniture setup!

     8 days ago 
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05.12.2018 (9 days ago)
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