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The Tipping Point
Woman bitches about not getting a tip online and gets fired.
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    Here the delivery drivers average $5 per delivery. The thing is they can make more in an hour that I ever made in an hour at times. So a tip is not keeping them alive. Servers in a cafe on the other hand do NOT make as much as delivery people and rely on tips. That being said, here most people don't share tips - it goes ONLY to a server. Places that share the tips with everyone I don't agree with either, so my server SUCKS bad and I don't tip her and no one esle tips her because she is a dick and she gets a cut of the good peoples tips. I don't like that idea.

    Your medical system is ALL about the most money that can be made - so this is why you can't go to the one that is close. I'm sure if she had money for better insurance she could get in there. Sigh.

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12.02.2018 (13 days ago)
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