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  •  Axemoose: 

    There is a truck just like that one in town that is black. Well it's jacked up in the air and is 1/2 my height off the ground. It has the sign on the side for a roofing company. For a while it was driving around with a disabled placard on it. Well I took a photo and posted it in a FB group about this kind of thing then sent it in an email to SGI (the people that give them out) and well soon after the guy stopped having the placard. How the actual HELL did this guy qualify to get one? No person who qualifies could get in that thing.

    We have a lot of very bad drivers here and many times I have seen people driving in the middle of the road and not in any lane or going the wrong way on a 1 way... Not to mention no one can park to save their life here.

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  •  Suja: 

    I do my shopping at Walmart online, it's really practical not having to deal with all those people and the long waiting lines at the cash register.

    To day I watched quite a bit of TV and did a bit of baking, nothing terribly exciting, but it was good.  Tonight I plan on reading for a few hours and maybe doing a couple of designs on the iPad.

    Hope you're enjoying your day Brain :P

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  •  1954shadow: 

    Nice sunny day you have there. This weekend, will be stuck inside and shoveling snow, BAH!

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  •  DavidH: 

    I haven't been to Walmart in awhile.  We get our groceries mostly at Kroger.  I'll be working this weekend. 

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09.02.2018 (16 days ago)
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