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Collection or Obsession?

Collection or obsession is a good question. I am kind of big time into getting Pusheen toys in the house. I did however just spend $22 on a new kitty that was not a Pusheen. Still...

I started collecting stuffed toys years ago. I got one every time Mom went into the hospital - I can't even tell you why, I just did.

Later on I gave almost all of those away as I was not attached to them at all. I just kept 1 out of that batch (a cow). I also ended up getting a stuffed bear for Mom and bringing home the stuffed dog she had in her apartment when she went into the home. Still have all of them.

I now have 11 Pusheen toys, the big fluffy white kitty, a bear, a cow and a dog.

Before the Pusheen toys a person came into my place and saw all the stuffed toys and assumed I was "special needs" for some reason. I mean talk about not getting the facts, but I just ignored it. Not like you can change peoples minds these days after they make an assumption - it almost never works.

I have to say the only think keeping me from having a LOT more Pusheen and the like toys is money. If I ever win the lotto I'm literally going to have a room with all the walls lined with stuffies.

Now I am a 51 year old male - so this in it's self makes people wonder why Pusheen as the vast majority of fans are female. But yes there are a few of us in the world who are male and love that cat.

The best thing is, years ago I looked at an obsessed collector and thought "I'm never going to do that". HA and here I am. Funny story that as well, that fellow complains he never has money then spends thousands on collectibles every year. Well there is no reconciling the logic for collecting - there is NONE - we just do it.

Would like to know if you collect anything - let me know in the comments please :) Have a good day.

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  •  Suja: 

    With me it was computers and their accessories, I had to have at least two of each. 

    Then for some unknown reason, it became musical instruments, you know, like 10 guitars, numerous effect pedals, keyboards, drums, amplifiers, I mean I even have a cello ... I know it's sick !

    I usually only play around with my fender acoustic, now and then pull out the amplifier and effects pedal but I hardly ever touch the others other than to dust them.  In some weird way they seem to fulfill a void in my life.  I know for a fact that Denis would have pointed out the fact that it is truly unnecessary to have more than 10 guitars when you can barely play one of them .... But what the heck, I paid for them and they will make nice gifts when I cross over to a place that I don't need them :)

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  •  DavidH: 

    Like Sue, I tend to collect tech gear and accessories.  What started as a hobby became work.I have a bunch of stuffed tigers bagged and in storage from years ago.I have a bunch of books and DVDs so they should count for something.I have several cameras and like to collect the video and pictures that they take.

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  •  danielswan: 

    for me it was Movie DVD's & TV Shows on DVD As of right now I have over 200 DVD's in my collection, we all know they won't last forever so I might just end up buying most of them digitally all over again. Keep in mind some were given to me while I got most as gifts, my mother also almost always stops by the Beat Goes On when I am in Guelph to check out the DVD's and asks me if I want any so I think a part of the issue is I gotta learn to say no as I don't have the space in my room to keep bringing in more DVD's. I have watched all of them at least once for the record (I Have a lot of downtime)

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  •  brian: 

    Obsession is only if it is all you can talk about, so no I dont think so.

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