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I've never believed in Friday 13th bringing bad luck, and I'm not about to
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I helped to start a group in town that will remain nameless for the sake of
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So in about 8.5 years from this point in time I will no longer be on disabi
Axemoose 30.06.2018 0 16

June is over ladies and gentlemen and so are exams!  I have a little more r
LouTube 30.06.2018 0 18

I'm giving away my latest coloring book for anyone that wants it;  it conta
Suja 16.06.2018 2 34

Hello VidiVlogs!   I am so happy I can now post to this website. I'm lookin
LouTube 09.06.2018 4 27

When playing monopoly I was led to believe by family I played with that whe
Axemoose 07.06.2018 0 21

A friend made me these. They are knit cat butt coasters. I have one by the
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